Whisky Freedom 2016 Perth

//Whisky Freedom 2016 Perth

Whisky Freedom 2016 Perth

It’s not any stretch of the truth to say that most of the whisky focus when it comes to events, bars, and festivals is often centered around the east coast, specifically Sydney and Melbourne. That’s great if you live in Sydney or Melbourne, but not so great if you live 6+ hours away on the west coast. Thankfully, that’s been changing a lot in the last couple of years in Western Australia with a lot more love for small bars, bespoke events, and now a whisky festival really worth getting excited about.

Whisky Freedom took place yesterday at the Parmelia Hilton in Perth in what I hope is the first of many years for this event in WA! I should start by congratulating Nathan and Thao DeTienne first and foremost. Their efforts in bringing a new level of whisky appreciation to Perth through their organisation of this fair are second to none. Then you really have to acknowledge all the exhibitors and incredible attendees. I personally find that these more specialist whisky fairs always have the nicest and best behaved punters! Whisky Freedom is a celebration of independent bottlers, Australian distillers, and the world’s biggest whisky club (that’s us!). We featured three delicious single casks for all to try: 71.42 ‘Sinbad preparing for a journey’, B3.3 ‘Treacle buns in a sawmill’ and 66.80 ‘Sweet Peat Carolina’. All three casks were miles apart in profile and really wowed first-timers to the Society and how flavour can really be front and centre when it’s cask strength and single cask.

On the day there were a raft of exciting releases from the Society and all the exhibitors, including the likes of Whipper Snapper, Starward, Alba Whisky, Archie Rose (one of our Partner Bars!), Berry Bros & Rudd, The Whisky Company, Starward, Geographe Distillery, Limeburners and more.

What’s really exciting about this for me is meeting new and existing members of the Society, and sharing great drams in great company. What I really love about these kind of festivals is how whisky brings people together and creates a real sense of community around a fantastic spirit. Perth, you’ve outdone yourself.

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About the Author:

Matt Bailey is the National Ambassador and Development Manager for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Australia. He's tirelessly trying to meet every member and share a dram with you all.

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