144.5 1980s roast dinners (Malt of the Month)

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144.5 1980s roast dinners (Malt of the Month)

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A rather old school and specific profile that immediately screamed: game meat, fir wood, mutton stock, cranberry gravy and things like suet and chicken granules. Roast dinners from yesteryear! We also found some lighter notes of Jamaica cake and balsamic figs underneath. Water enhanced these gamey qualities. Also bringing leaf mulch, umami paste, truffle, paraffin and leather. The palate opened with cooking oils, Bovril, hessians and salted dark chocolate. Some red chili heat and a little salted liquorice too. With water the palate once again became more like bouillon powder, beef stock, peppered jerky, chopped parsley, aged pinot noir and things like Scotch broth and herbal bitters. Curious! One for lovers of a ‘certain sherry style’.

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