4.316 Not a genuine ‘philosophical’ paradox

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4.316 Not a genuine ‘philosophical’ paradox

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“A dram fit for Wittgenstein”. Pop this open, pour a dram, take a deep breath, and enjoy cask strength whisky from Orkney. This doesn’t need complicated philosophical analysis. Wittgenstein would probably approve however, and you might be transported to a genuine philosophical paradox. That paradox might be “wow, peated whisky has no right to be this good”, or “how do I not have more 4’s on my shelf?”. Either way, jump into this delightful 13 year old example.

The aromas neat almost caused a philosophical paradox, on the one hand we got cordite, damp slabs of peat and dulse dried seaweed but then on the other hand, honeyed pears in puff pastry and custard slices emerged. On the palate we were in unison with minty-melon juice, ashy smoke and a jalapeno heat. With water we walked through overgrown ferns to reach the coast where we managed to find a bar serving limeade with mint and a key lime smoked mojito. At nine years of age, we combined selected hogsheads from the same distillery into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.


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