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Unfiltered is the Society's premium news and knowledge magazine, published exclusively for our members every month. Blending feature articles and multimedia storytelling from industry experts, Society veterans and members alike, Unfiltered's sprawling pages can be found to contain in-depth interviews, captivating virtual tours and historical highlights, fascinating member stories and pairing recommendations, as well as all the latest info regarding Society events and announcements.


Whether you're a whisky beginner, a connoisseur of distinctive and rare flavours, peaty pundit or malt maverick — Unfiltered will have something for you and is guaranteed to transcend your understanding and appreciation of the fine malt spirit we all love and enjoy, opening doors you didn't even know existed and allowing waves of whisky knowledge and wisdom to wash over you. No matter where or how you're reading Unfiltered, the captivating narratives will make you feel like you're in the thick of it.

Challenge preconceptions you might have about whisky and take a step inside the curious and enthralling world of single cask, cask strength whisky. Unfiltered is a must-read for all malt lovers.


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It's simple, become a member of the world's most vibrant and unique whisky club! All members receive Unfiltered directly to their inbox every month and have access to all back-issues via our online members portal. Unfiltered is optimised for premium viewing on desktop, mobile or tablet devices and guarantees a premium and easy experience.


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