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Confessions of a Tasting Panellist: Here’s to Plum Duff, Creosote & Kippers


Gain a unique insight into the mind of a tasting panellist and learn a little bit about the panel's origins in this article originally published in Unfiltered #78.

Confessions of a Tasting Panellist: Here’s to Plum Duff, Creosote & Kippers2023-03-08T17:20:43+11:00

A question of Quercus


Originally published in Unfiltered #76: For a variety of reasons, American oak is by far the most used material for the coopering of casks in the industry. But that hasn’t always been the case. Join SMWS ambassador Lee ‘Connas’ Connor as he examines the role and effect that the use of European oak has on Scotch whisky.

A question of Quercus2022-12-07T12:40:06+11:00

The Captain’s Balcony Sets Sail


Originally published in Unfiltered #73 Through two rebrands and a pandemic, Sydney’s latest Partner Bar, The Captain’s Balcony, is now home to a staple SMWS experience and a fast-growing collection of bottles, local Unfiltered Editor [...]

The Captain’s Balcony Sets Sail2022-09-15T13:47:44+10:00

Stashed in the Attic: Old Bottle Effect


Featured in Unfiltered #60 Words: Tom Bruce-Gardyne OBE, or ‘old bottle effect’ lest anyone confuse it with the Queen’s birthday honours, is something of an enigma. It clearly exists in the world of fine wine, but [...]

Stashed in the Attic: Old Bottle Effect2022-07-13T13:48:34+10:00

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