For those who aren’t sure, ‘the Chippy’ is where you get the best fish & chips in Scotland. That greasy little corner F&C shop where the battered fish over the steel counter and large chips come in that iconic white paper or newspaper wrap. This release is the liquid embodiment of that flavour. Rich umami Orkney spirit, 20 years of age, and matured in a fascinating combination of ex-bourbon, ex-HTMC, and ex-Oloroso casks that previously held Islay whisky. This is a masterpiece in showcasing the cask strength potential of this distillery, and in Euan Campbell’s artful work in maturing and vatting casks together. Expect notes of chippy chips, salt and balsamic, crispy seaweed, chips and mussels, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Fantastic.

Secretly what we all yearn for as we dine black tie, the Panel were handed a burgeoning bag of chippy chips with salt and a dash of balsamic, topped with crispy seaweed and chilli jam. It’ll be all right on the night, after all. The palate of this paper-wrapped meal was full of seaweed, sunflower oil and salt-encrusted potato chips, with a side of mussels poached in 80 shilling ale and clementine juice. Water served to add a squeeze of lemon, buttered corn bread and a bowl of crab and wakame salad, leading the Panel to extol its taffy-like texture and full body.

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