141.2 Prowling the undergrowth

141.2 Prowling the undergrowth

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Keen code hunters might wonder what’s happened here. A new appearance, but not too new a code? When this delightful Danish distillery was first bottled in the iconic Society green glass a couple of years ago, it was Cask 141.1, and the Danish members snapped it all up. Only fair they get first dibs like we did with our Aussie casks! Fast forward a couple of years, and distillery 141 is now up to .2, and we’re super lucky to have bottled this cracking example of new world whisky done well. Founder Jens-Erik Jørgensen has followed his passion for smoked cheese, local ingredients, and richly oily spirit unlike anything you’ve had before. Expect notes of nettles, pine, toffee, carrot cake and black pepper.

The nose opened with juicy fruits, nettles, coconut husks and aromatic hints of cedar wood and pine sap. Beyond that some light toffee and grassy freshness. Some water brought us lime jelly, orange oil, hessian sacks in a dusty wine cellar, lemon peel and herbal bitters. The mouth gave the initial impression of spicy carrot cake, oak shavings and coriander marmalade. Further notes of rye spice, cinnamon and liquorice. With reduction it became oilier in texture with some vegetal notes of pumpkin, then dried heather, pine wood, metal polish and black pepper.

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