R13.4 Bizarre, bonkers and brilliant! (Rum)

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R13.4 Bizarre, bonkers and brilliant! (Rum)

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We have learned to expect all sorts from this (unfortunately) closed distillery. Here we go again – liquorice, spice, black treacle and pineapple glazed ham, phenols, an old wooden sea chest and not to forget, washable colour glue available as Granny Smiths apple, banana mania yellow, mango tango pink and Pacific blue! The palate certainly did not lag behind with oily rags, an old metal toolbox, herbal cough mixture but also wave after wave of cherries, sugar cane and vanilla sweetness. Adding water and we awoke the serpent power, phenolic, tar, camphor, dandelion and burdock and when we tasted it, the sweetness grabbed us by the neck and took us down into the abyss.



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