50.116 Sun-kissed island paradise

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50.116 Sun-kissed island paradise

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The nose evokes a table laden with fruit (fresh figs, blackberries, perfumed pear, kumquats) – in the middle there’s a violin case holding a Stradivarius and a caramel log. The complex palate has green melon and custard apple, butterscotch and coffee creams, hints of prosciutto, Armagnac and leather (like toting your 1930’s suitcase through Funchal markets towards Blandy’s). The reduced nose is a sun-kissed island paradise – aromatherapy oils (sandalwood, patchouli, sage) a glass of port, hints of tobacco and floral perfumes, coffee and marshmallows. The juicy palate has peach, pear, citrus and sweet mint; then mouth-drying oak, orange peel and balsamico to finish.

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