Introductory Tasting Trio

Introductory Tasting Trio

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A trio of whiskies that’s sure to delight every one of your senses….and friends. Get your home bar or tasting with friends off to a flying start with this selection, as you taste through these distinct drams from three diverse flavour profiles. Whisky? Sorted! $499 – save $31. Only 10 available at this price, so don’t miss out!

Cask 7.263 Dancing to the rhythm 

Sweet candy cane and charred wood cladding were dancing a cha-cha-cha with the luring scent of a pineapple tart and a leather rolling tobacco pouch in the background. On the palate we melted away like when caramelising butter and brown sugar, before marzipan and mouthcoating hot cross buns with Muscat vanilla ice cream appeared. After dilution the aroma turned very deep and unctuous, heady tropical fruits, banana split with glace cherries, raspberry ripple ice cream and orange pomander. We were all blown away by the texture of a lime custard pie with whipped cream and a coconut crème brulee with Malibu caramelised pineapple.

Cask 46.109 Table talk dram

We imagined having cream tea in a rose garden with fresh juicy strawberries, peaches, crème caramel, butterscotch, and cinnamon spiced banana cake. A lovely tingling of white pepper on white chocolate surprised us on the palate, before honey buttered hot cross buns and orange spiced Turkish delight arrived. With a drop of water, a juicy, fruity and a lightly menthol scent emerged, cherry chocolate, mango coulis and candy cigarettes or chocolate sticks covered in white paper (oh those innocent days!). On the palate; vibrant and fresh like a green fruit salad prepared with honeydew melon, Granny Smith apples, Bartlett pears and green grapes in a honey-Dijon dressing.

Cask 93.161 Dirty martinis on a yacht

This rather sweet and oily nose (flumps, salted caramel crêpes, freshly oiled clock mechanism, tinned mackerel) also has something of the seashore (lemon on scallops, freshly flooded rock-pools). The palate starts with wood (licking staves, chewing pencils), finds Moffat toffee and Oddfellows sweets (cinnamon, ginger and clove) before turning sharper with sweet and sour sauce over pineapple fritters. Water brings vanilla, coconut and coal scuttles to the nose, with wood now reminiscent of yacht decking or pine forest floor. Oiliness returns to the palate, followed by Jammy Dodgers, flying saucers, talc, leather, liquorice, ash and dirty martinis.



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