Introductory Tasting Trio

Introductory Tasting Trio

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A trio of whiskies that’s sure to delight every one of your senses….and friends. Get your home bar or tasting with friends off to a flying start with this selection, as you taste through these distinct drams from three diverse flavour profiles. Whisky? Sorted! $460 – save $30. Only 9 available at this price, so don’t miss out!

Cask G15.10 Okay oaky  | 10 years | 57.1% ABV | 2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel | Outturn 201 bottles | Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

This gives an initial characteristic collection of aromatics – banana chips, bubble-gum and glue, which slowly deepen to pastis and menthol; it also has sweetness (white chocolate) and citrus notes (orange barley sugars, lemon zest). The palate is lovely and sweet with rich textures– hazelnut chocolate spread, condensed milk and mashed bananas, with notes of bourbon and menthol-scented wood on the finish. On the reduced nose, syrupy fruit salad, Jaffa cakes, honey and marzipan are contrasted with crystallised ginger, coconut and fresh oak. The palate becomes totally mouth-watering, with peaches, pear juice, pineapples and melon balls. The afterglow is oak and vanilla.

Cask 35.282 Nailed it! | 12 years | 57.1% ABV | 1st fill bourbon barrel | Outturn 208 bottles  | Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

A fruity, floral perfumed aroma reminded us of a fruit salad with vanilla ice cream, shisha tobacco flavoured with green apple and pineapple as well as a fresh flower bouquet. On the palate neat -amazingly smooth and sweet with a wonderful texture like Chantilly cream, vanilla custard, banana bread and chocolate praline cupcakes. Water added, on the nose, nougat, fudge and hazelnut crème next to pears poached in white wine and a Manhattan cocktail. Even more balanced now, if that is possible, with flavours of juicy mango, creamy coconut and a custard lemon pie while in the finish -chewy fruit flavoured fresh mint sweets.

Cask 66.192 The dalai farmer | 7 years | 61.5% ABV | 1st fill bourbon barrel | Outturn 230 bottles | Peated

Initially we got soft, fragrant smokiness tinged with wispy farmyard notes. Things like old iron railings, abandoned tractors and gutters full of rainwater and leaf mulch all came to mind. Also smashed slates, hot coal embers and starched linens scented with distant peat smoke. With water came bog myrtle, anthracite, oily sheep wool, metallic paints and pork sausages with sage. The mouth was initially full of coal tar soap, lanolin, smoky heather ales, olive oil and bacon lardons frying on a hot iron skillet. A sense of steel wool doused in soy sauce. Water added hot cross buns drizzled with mercurochrome, smoked olives, pasta water and aniseed sweeties. A drizzle of natural tar liqueur in the aftertaste.

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