Let’s Mix Things Up – Virtual Tasting

Let’s Mix Things Up – Virtual Tasting

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It’s hot. It’s January. Let’s mix a few things together and try whisky in a new light. We’ve partnered with the legends over at Fever Tree for this month and are doing some mixology live with members to celebrate. We’ll supply the whisky, the mixer, and you bring the glassware & ice!

Join us live on Tuesday 23rd January, 7pm AEDT, on YouTube or Facebook – or watch at your own leisure afterwards.

The virtual tasting pack is comprised of  5 x 30ml SMWS drams, 2 x Fever Tree mixers, tasting notes and two tasting mats, perfect for sharing with a friend.


Cask B5.7 Speculoos cookie butter ice cream (Bourbon Whiskey)

The initial impression was rather shy, but there was plenty to be discovered. We found classic puff pastry, cinnamon raisin bagels, hints of anis, and even lightly smoked cheese, fresh sea air and birch tree sap. A spicy taste was followed by a drying mouthfeel of a long oak-aged red wine followed by cured ham, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and soy sauce. With the addition of water we had two scoops of ice cream, one being rum and raisin, the other caramelised cookie butter with coarsely crushed speculoos biscuits. On the palate, a rum baba with chantilly cream and raisins, and a hint of spicy/sweet wood smoke in the finish.

Cask 18.45 Hola Oloroso! (Deep, rich & dried fruits)

The nose was rich and opulent with oily cured Spanish ham, ginger wine and prunes soaked in cream sherry. Sweet and spicy aromas of ginger wine and cinder toffee continued on the palate where they were joined by red apples, citrus peel and peaches. Creme caramel and coconut introduced creamy textures to compliment walnuts, pain au raisin and soft leather. With water came honey and linseed oil on exotic hardwoods with figs and grapes on black forest gateau. Orange oil and mandarins emerged on the palate with barbecued pineapple, toasted oak, and coconut while dark chocolate and menthol combined with soft wax on the finish. After spending 8 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a first fill ex-oloroso hogshead for the remainder of its maturation.

Cask 35.319 Cocktail party (Juicy, oak & vanilla)

A rather old school and specific profile that immediately screamed: game meat, fir wood, mutton stock, cranberry gravy and things like suet and chicken granules. Roast dinners from yesteryear! We also found some lighter notes of Jamaica cake and balsamic figs underneath. Water enhanced these gamey qualities. Also bringing leaf mulch, umami paste, truffle, paraffin and leather. The palate opened with cooking oils, Bovril, hessians and salted dark chocolate. Some red chili heat and a little salted liquorice too. With water the palate once again became more like bouillon powder, beef stock, peppered jerky, chopped parsley, aged pinot noir and things like Scotch broth and herbal bitters. Curious! One for lovers of a ‘certain sherry style’.

Cask GN6.3 Yearning for bubbles (Gin)

At first we detected blood orange sorbet, lime zest, elderflower champagne and orange segments studded with juniper. A robust and lightly peppery profile. Some water brought suggestions of nettle tea, lapsing souchong, lemon curd and Twister ice lollies. The palate showed a spicier side with coriander seed, pine needles, grated carrot, and caraway. Some rose petal touches brought elegance. With water we noted poppy seeds, fresh coriander this time, cucumber juice and bergamot oil. Fresh and super lively!

Cask 4.307 A siren in the haar (Lightly Peated)

A familiar but always beautiful aroma that we agreed now seems very specific to these stocks. Clear impressions of distant, aromatic seashores and coastlines. Along with gauze, lemon peel, lanolin, steel wool and oily tool box rags. Some flints and coal scuttles too. Water brought out fresh sandalwood, green olives, beach sand and hints of peppermint and pickling brine. The palate was surprisingly big: full of thick, briny and oily peat. Also soft medicines, herbal extracts and smoked olive oil. Reduction brought ginger wine, seawater, aniseed, pasta water and thick heathery peat. At 7 years of age we combined selected casks from this distillery. We then returned that single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further – this is one of those casks. Originally from bourbon hogsheads, married in this 1st fill barrel.

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