65.7 Timeless and magnificent (Vaults Collection)

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65.7 Timeless and magnificent (Vaults Collection)

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Some whiskies are fun and fruity, some whiskies are dark and peaty, and some are fun summer quaffers with friends. Cask 65.7 ‘Timeless and magnificent’ fits into its own category. A whisky that stops time, requires deep contemplation and transports your senses into another century of maturation. This distillery had a spotty history of closures, never really found its footing as a single malt, and is long since demolished now, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any single casks beyond this one. Founded in the same year as Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee of 1897, it supplied many blends. It never had a formal core range as a single malt, but in the years since its closure in 1998 and subsequent demolition in 2013, it has attracted something of a cult following. Upon tasting Cask 65.7, you’ll see why. It’s got that delicate soda bread, poached pears in Sauternes, apple tobacco, and a relaxed elegance you rarely see these days.

Nosing this one neat one of the panellists was reminded of the line “it washed away in a tide of longing” from the song “In the shadow of our pale companion”. Aromas were those of pears poached in Sauternes, cardamom and ginger as well as salted milk-chocolate liquorice caramels. Delicate on the palate yet full of character like Japanese Umeshu plum wine matured in Mizunara oak. A drop of water and a heady and old fashioned rose-scented perfume emerged next to apple tobacco and vanilla-scented wax candles. On the palate a smooth, relaxed, refined elegance coming from a tradition that spans aeons.

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