16.72 Beware of the reaper chilli!

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16.72 Beware of the reaper chilli!

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Boom! This is an absolutely peated monster. We love seeing whiskies this big in peat that aren’t necessarily from Islay. This mainland peat is technically called ‘Ruadh Maor’, which isn’t the distillery name, but their internal name for their peated runs. Up until recently, this distillery was in the same stable as 24, 30, and 4, but now runs independently and has been kicking goals. The combination of the spirit’s youthfulness, combined with heavy peating levels and a rich re-char cask makes this 16 a proper chilli and mechanic’s rag with singed pineapple chunks, carbolic soap and pork skin.

Associations came thick and fast nosing neat, aromas of a malt silo, malt extract, an oily mechanic’s rag, damp peat smoke, singed pineapple pieces and the list could go on and on. But the first sip took our breath away – massively salty and smoky like Carolina reaper chilli pepper Bombay mix, complete madness. Water added to the party carbolic soap, plimsols, cowhide rugs, cowboy boots, firelighters and party crackers. The flavour was now that of a cassoulet, slow cooked mutton, pork skin, smoked streaky bacon, garlic sausages and dried haricot beans – rich, rustic and it certainly warmed us from within.

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