143.2 A dram from daydreaming

143.2 A dram from daydreaming

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When the first 143 appeared around 2018, the entire Aussie allocation of that cask vanished. Not necessarily because it was a ‘dot one’ and first ever single cask from that distillery, but because a few members tasted it and minds were absolutely blown by the quality of the liquid. This was American complexity incarnate. The 143.2 we’re now able to finally offer up more than five years later has been made from their own custom five-malt mash bill, with a mixture of pale malt and caramel malt barleys, or what they call their “Scotch ale” malt. The team behind Distillery 143 out of Seattle are very much brewers at their core, and love to innovate with different malts and malting levels. Twice distilled in copper pot stills, and really shaping the new landscape of American single malt, one cask at a time. Do not miss this!

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