Pip Hills: The Founder’s Tale

//Pip Hills: The Founder’s Tale

Pip Hills: The Founder’s Tale

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Founder of the Society, Pip Hills, has written a new book entitled “The Founder’s Tale”. A good idea and a glass of malt which started the world’s largest whisky club as we know it today.

The book is a collection of stories about Pip and his friends and how they brought Scotland’s finest product to a waiting world. It begins in a small farm in Aberdeenshire and moves through high places (The World Trade Centre) and low (a jungle dive in the South Seas), with the help of the famous and the obscure, the good, the bad and the mildly delinquent. There are high mountains and wild seas, and a trip (with whisky) to Communist eastern Europe in a vintage Lagonda.

Essential reading for all members, understand how our club was founded and the ethos that fuelled its growth – an ethos that is still at the heart of everything we do.

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