Society Deluxe Discovery Kit

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Society Deluxe Discovery Kit

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Three x 100ml single cask samples that you’ll be able to replace
Your SMWS tasting notebook
A deluxe tasting mat with dramming guide
Two new monogram whisky glasses
A Society water jug
A Society water pipette
**Membership subscription not included**

All in a double-compartment sliding box with carry handle. Take it on your next whisky adventure and share the spirit of the Society!

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Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work building on what the future of the Society looks like. A big part of that is all about sharing, and that means a full redesign of the membership welcome pack. The existing green membership box has had a full redesign to make more sense to the ‘where’ and ‘what’ membership means. It’s about sharing. It’s about flavour discovery, it’s about sitting down with a partner, friend, family member, and enjoying a dram together. It’s about us being all together unique. This new kit represents our joy of discovery. Of adventure. Of taking it on your next beach holiday. The three 100ml sample bottles remain, but from next year onward we intend to offer up exclusive single cask samples to replace them as you enjoy and share them over time.

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