An unusually rich and fulsome nose for a grain whisky the panel thought. Immediate notes of desiccated coconut, chantilly cream, vanilla custard, lemon barley water and a very elegant waft of hessian. With water we found it became very rummy with lots of caramelising demerara sugars, molasses, charred marshmallow and a lightly mentholated touch. The neat palate opened with boiled cinnamon sweeties, spiced latte, banana and rum cocktails, candied sultanas and charred pineapple chunks. Reduction softened everything and brought out golden syrups, sweetened sunflower oil, oatmeal flapjack and banana liqueur drizzled over vanilla ice cream. Matured for 11 years in a bourbon barrel before transfer to a 2nd fill heavy toast medium char hogshead.



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