94.43 Soirée with Crème Brûlée

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94.43 Soirée with Crème Brûlée

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Please note this special Gathering bottling is exclusive to the Australian branch.

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Tasting notes courtesy of Alex Moores, VIC Ambassador:

As the oven timer sounded, aromas of freshly baked banoffee and crème pâtissière greeted us. We ate a slice with some brûléed sugar off a French polished dining table. Carrying the rest outside with a dab of pineapple jam, the palate took a journey through the orchards, with greengages and unripe plums, and finally reaching the olive grove by the swimming pool. After adding water, the roses bloomed and we retired to the study with aromas of violin boxes and old paper ledgers enrobed in florals and tropical fruits. Finally, spun sugar and peach syrup covered pastries took us full circle.

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