Spicy & Sweet Discovery Trio

Spicy & Sweet Discovery Trio

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Over and over we hear that our Spicy & Sweet flavour profile is a member-favourite. A showcase of what we love most about Scotch whisky. That zip, vim and vigour that the perfectly balanced single cask in the deep purple profile broadcasts best. Jump in on this trio of wildly diverse, yet closely aligned single casks picked by our expert tasting panel.

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13.91 A colourful companion

Nosing neat the colour ‘yellow-orange’ came to mind with pictures of mango flavoured Turkish delight, saffron, peeling a satsuma and lemon butter biscuits. Turning greener on the palate we were reminded of a pistachio cake with matcha green tea, green peas and kombu (Asian seaweed) and green sweet jalapeno jelly chilli sauce. After reduction, the lovely sweet and creamy scent of lemon balm developed, followed by aromas of a gooseberry and vanilla custard tart as well as Battenberg cakes. The taste was now soft and honeyed, marshmallows, vanilla pods and red apple flavoured tobacco while in the finish a refreshing lemon-lime mint tea.

28.78 Orient and Occident

We imagined preparing a fudgy chocolate babka with blanched hazelnuts, chopped dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Through the kitchen window the wind carried the sweet scent of elderflower growing in abundance outside in a hedgerow. The palate started with a mango and mint salad before the main course of a chicken vindaloo with roasted cashews. With water the nose turned creamier with empire biscuits, Eccles cakes and a slice of cream cheese walnut cake. The taste became tamer with flavours of warm salted caramel brownies and a Boston cream pie.

73.138 Whin whin situation

We encountered an enticing nose of strawberry tarts, vanilla custard, banana toffee and rum and raisin ice-cream. The palate was juicy and floral, with creamy toffee, banana split and honey mead; the finish left tingles of cinnamon, clove and chilli chocolate. The reduced nose was a summer breeze over a hillside of gorse and a picnic of yum yums, coffee cake and party rings. Somehow the warmth behind the sweetness became more apparent on the reduced palate – sugar-coated fennel seeds, mint humbugs and barley sugars with a chilli coating; ginger and white pepper added to the heat on the lasting finish.



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