53.418 La vie anchovy

53.418 La vie anchovy

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Many classical and keenly anticipated notes greeted the panel at first nosing: seawater, lemon juice, antiseptic, smoked sea salt, seaweed flakes and herbal bitters. Pristine – as expected! With water this one evolved towards bath salts, lime juice, celery salt, gentian eau de vie and anchovy paste. In the mouth we got an initial thickness of hessian with camphor. Then petrol-tinged peat smoke, kiln air, hot smoked salmon, soy sauce and malt vinegar soaked chips. Fatty, salty, oily and hopelessly moreish. With water it was really all on petrol, smoked olive oil, natural tar extracts, boiler fumes, charred fish, black olives and old school herbal cough syrups. The kind of whisky that Hannibal Lecter would ‘sook’ antagonistically.

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