127.45 Leviathan

127.45 Leviathan

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An aroma that is deeply entwined with, and specific to, these early production vintages of this, now cult, Islay make. Hugely medicinal and powerful, sharp and direct notes of farmyard-accented peat smoke, green fruit eau de vie, saline fino en rama notes, coal fire sizzled bacon and thick tarry rope. With water we found marmite, Twiglets, malt syrup and heady notes of tiger balm. The unique complexity and concentration of heavy peat at a mature age. The neat palate opened with a rush of seaweed and pure iodine. Camphor, tree moss, Elastoplast, embrocation, seawater, resinous peat smoke, carbolic acidity and smoked tobacco leaf. Water brought a stunningly mouth-slathering texture, hay smoke, ashy Goat curds, salted liquorice, peppermint, lemon verbena and warm rock pools.

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