26.185 Solo Ice Cream Spiders

26.185 Solo Ice Cream Spiders

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Specially selected by the Australian team of the SMWS for the celebration of the Society’s 20th anniversary, this is a dram just bursting with bright pink wafers, waxy fruit skins, and bubbly lemon spiders on a hot day from your childhood corner store. Delicious!

The nose transports us to after-school sparkling lemon spiders and citrus lollies from the local corner store. Iced Vovo biscuits, vanilla and toffee chews. The palate is oddly dry and chalky, yet vibrant and zesty; heather honey, Kirk’s creaming soda and green apple slices sprinkled with lemon juice (preparing an apple pie); the finish warms with light spice, oak, lemon peel and leather. The reduced nose goes from green to yellow – sandalwood, passion fruit sorbet, lime juice over mango and beeswax candles in a cardboard box. The palate becomes juicier – lush grass, Starburst sweets (in wax paper), pineapple fritters with syrup and jasmine rice wrapped in banana leaf.



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