35.305 Oh, so oloroso! (Vaults Collection)

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35.305 Oh, so oloroso! (Vaults Collection)

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Insane. Truly marvellous. Like nothing else. We’d honestly run out of superlatives to describe this whisky. This is the kind of cask that appears maybe once every 7-10 years which really makes your brain wires re-awaken and exclaim “I had no idea sherried whisky could taste this good”. How on earth can that complexity follow through so well? How does that integration of sherry and oak and spirit just merge so well? We’re afraid this whisky may ask more questions than it answers. This is something for a quiet night in late summer. Something to share with your closest whisky lover, and to celebrate something special. Expect notes of cathedral-aged sherry butts, fragrant wood, cinnamon, orange blossom, and more.

Oh, so oloroso! From the Latin olēre – to smell. Imagine sitting on a rooftop patio in Jerez overlooking cathedral-style warehouses storing sherry from soleras founded in the 18th century, sharing the magnificent fragrant scent with the angels and friends, while watching a glorious sunset. As pre dinner nibbles you offer cornes de gazelle, crescent-shaped cookies filled with cinnamon, almonds and an intoxicating dose of orange blossom water. Diluted we were back on the patio after dinner and sipped a very old Brandy de Jerez with a taste of Maamoul cookies; melt-in-your-mouth buttery dated filled utterly scrumptious sweets. After thirty years in an ex-bourbon hogshead we transferred this whisky into a 2nd fill Oloroso hogshead, which previously matured whisky from Society cask 10.196.



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