29.288 Elegant extravagance (Vaults Collection)

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29.288 Elegant extravagance (Vaults Collection)

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There are not many single casks that leave the expert tasting panel completely speechless. This is one of those. The panel found this to be almost hallucinatory. A taste impossible to describe. A moment in distilling history in Islay back in the mid-90’s. Within whisky circles a single cask of distinction, presented in our Vaults Collection. A representation of how incredible Islay whisky can be, especially when presented unadulterated in this form. A truly remarkable moment in whisky history, and a collector’s item to savour and enjoy with friends. Expect notes of smokey sardines, tempura, vintage cigar smoke, expensive perfumes, and tropical fruit. Remarkable.

Elegant perfumed smoke met juicy ripe tropical fruits in a near-perfect balance. The effect was almost one of hallucination. The taste was almost impossible to describe; some sort of delicate food fusion, so we tried. A sushi grain bowl with smoked sardines, spicy mayo, furikake and tempura crunchies … we do hope you get the idea. A drop of water and miraculously we were transported to Havana, Cuba, in the 1920s, and the Sevilla Havane hotel, haunt of the rich and famous; the air heavy with sweet cigar smoke, the allure of the most expensive perfumes and the tropical heat – truly extravagant.


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