BASIK Chocolates x SMWS Virtual Tasting

BASIK Chocolates x SMWS Virtual Tasting

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Krsna makes a triumphant return to The Society with his INCREDIBLE and mind-boggling flavour pairings like nothing else on Earth. Fennel pollen? Butterscotch Caramel? Ginger Ganache?! Truly the mad scientist of chocolate, Krisa Rajalingam from Basik Chocolates will be co-hosting a massive monthly virtual with all your whisky and chocolate delivered to your doorstep.

Each pack includes 5x SMWS single cask releases | 30ml samples of each bottling + 2x of each bonbon to share, sent to you in two separate delicious packages. Join in the fun on Thursday 25th August at 7pm AEST. Live on our YouTube channel and on Facebook. Or afterwards at your leisure. Only $139! Tasting notes and 2 x tasting mats also included.


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Your five-sample tasting set has these amazing Society bottlings to enjoy along the way, complete with tasting notes and tasting mat:

Cask 5.91 Lip-smacking and seductively luscious – 18 years old – Sweet, Fruity & Mellow
Rosewater, pink wafers and candy floss floated roseate reveries; then we came down to brown with toasted coconut, Danish pastries, ginger Edinburgh rock, orange boxes and pencil cases. The initial palate had fruit pastilles, bramble jelly, ripe berries and apricot custard Danish – all deepening in time to pencil shavings, jalapeno and ginger pieces in dark chocolate. The reduced nose found lemon bonbons, honey on straw, floral aromas and suggestions of new leather. The mouth-coating palate gave satisfying swirls of barley sugar, marzipan petits fours and iced ginger biscuits, then a lingering lick of cinnamon and clove Oddfellow sweets – lip-smacking and seductively luscious.

Cask 6.50 By this great clatter – 12 years old – Juicy, Oak & Vanilla
A bright and breezy initial aroma of fabrics, fresh cereals, lanolin, baking parchment and toasted sunflower seeds greeted the panel. Beyond that we noted scrunched newspaper, orange peel, caramel and gorse flower. Water gave us snapped green twigs, scented candles, pollen, dried flowers, tent canvass and mushroom powder. The neat palate was easy and displayed a well-balanced sweetness. Some warm spice notes of cardamom and caraway also appeared. Dilution brought out mineral oils, Darjeeling tea with sugar, butter mints, shortbread and chopped hazelnuts.

Cask 59.68 Leather bound petrol station – 12 years old – Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits
Pencil shavings and charred oak mixed with linseed oil and beeswax on pine wood before polished leather bound together burnt raisins, sticky toffee pudding and dates soaked in diesel. In the mouth a sticky syrup of marmalade, treacle and fruit chutney prepared the taste buds for dark navy rum, cloves, cinnamon and liquorice. Water took us to places of dark chocolate, espresso coffee and charred wood while toasted hot cross buns merged with figs, pears and walnuts. Flavours now embraced more tropical fruit while molasses and demerara sugar mixed into grapefruit juice and coconut oil. After spending 10 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a 1st fill Spanish oak oloroso hogshead.

Cask 108.43 A cornucopia of curiosities – 11 years old – Peated
The nose is a cornucopia of curiosities – gooey chocolate fondants, coconut and mango to start, then cured meats, and finally mustard, horseradish and bonfire embers. The palate brings together sweetness and peatness – cherry chocolates, brown sugar on a smoking side of salmon, rauchbier, liquorice, burning tarry driftwood and bacon sizzling in a skillet. The reduced nose combines custard and banana loaf with sugar-coated fennel seeds, coconut sun cream and a mediaeval turnbrochie’s chimney smoke-infused tunic. The palate still welds together sweet foamy shrimps, pink wafers and chocolate éclairs with more bitter notes of dark chocolate, brine, road tar and acrid smoke.

Cask R11.14 Hot shots – 7 years old – Rum
A deafening waft of rum greeted us from the top of the nosing glass! Pickled exotic fruits wrapped in seawater-soaked bandages and Elastoplast. Sardines bobbing in antiseptic, olive bine, anchovy butter and tarry beach wood. A bonkers nose we all agreed. With water, we noted smoked green tea, myrtle, wintergreen, farmhouse cider, bike chain grease, aniseed balls and lemons charring on a BBQ. The neat palate was full of smoked exotic fruits, burning heather, olive oil, lime curds, mineral oils, squid ink and some kind of high ester mouthwash. With water it became sootier, more herbal and more classical with beach pebbles, mineral salts, bacon rind, pickled ginger and vapour rubs. Previously in a bourbon barrel for 14 years before being transferred to an ex-Guyanese rum barrel.

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