135.42 Fun in the sun

135.42 Fun in the sun

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A truly irresistible scent awaited us waiting to be discovered, sparkling white chocolate lime truffles next to a tropical fruit salad with cacao nibs and guava juice. On the palate neat we ran out of superlatives, so superbly smooth with flavours of kumquat, quince, monstera deliciosa (a mixture of pineapple, coconut and banana) and tonka beans. If you so wish you can add a drop of water and a whiff of sweet spices was followed by candied orange peel and white raspberry popping candy chocolate. Luscious, tropical on the palate like a La Vina cocktail, using one part of East-India solera sherry and sweet Amaro next to one part of Bourbon and a dash of orange bitters.

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