13.99 Tart cherry fruitcake

13.99 Tart cherry fruitcake

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Those with a keen eye on Outturn may have noticed Cask 1.278 ‘Fruitberg! Dead Ahead!’ from March Outturn was also from this cask type, but for new members (or those who missed that little detail), this is another Cosecha cask, this time from distillery 13. Distillery 13 is one of the most ‘luxurious’ single malts, and it just shines when bottled at cask strength. Ex-Cosecha cask is a very specific ex-Rioja wine cask, in this case an almost half and half maturation, with 5 years in ex-bourbon, then 4 years in ex-Cosecha. Open something a bit different, a bit exotic, and a bit fascinating this month.

Heady aromas of rum and raisin ice cream, melon and sandalwood incense combined with sweet coconut shavings and digestive biscuits before the arrival of earthy root vegetables and ancient woodland. Flavours touched on ginger and white peppercorns but swiftly swayed towards tart cherries, pomegranate and cranberries, with finishing notes of old leather and dry pipe tobacco. Water released grilled pineapple, mango smoothies and apple crumble with custard alongside honey, marmalade and toasted pine nuts. The palate now had greater depth, with candied orange peel in spicy fruitcake, dry stone fruits and nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar sprinkled over creamy porridge. Five years in an ex-bourbon hogshead before being transferred to a cosecha wine first fill barrique.

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