112.107 Exotic probiotic!

112.107 Exotic probiotic!

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Wow, we went exotic with a probiotic rhubarb and honey soda, warm miso caramel sauce and lychee flavoured tapioca pearls traditionally used to make the popular Taiwanese drink boba. Talking of bubble tea, on the palate we got a vanilla malted milkshake, lime posset, peach yoghurt and a gooseberry fool. Following reduction, the fragrant floral aroma of apple blossom combining with poached pears in a chocolate sauce prepared us for ooey-gooey cream cheese-glazed hazelnut rye rolls as well as hot salted-buttered crumpets and a Swedish almond caramel cake called “toscakaka”, very similar to the German Bienenstich – “bee sting cake”.

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