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  • B5.9 Midnight grits

    $189.00 inc. GST
  • We’re celebrating five years of Krsna Rajalingam from BASIK Chocolates hosting the ultimate whisky & chocolate pairings for SMWS. For those who are new to Krsna’s wild creations: imagine a flavour explosion in your mouth, made from cocoa and other ingredients that will challenge your perception of what chocolate even is, expertly created around five different single-cask SMWS offerings. 30mls of each whisky, 5 bonbons, 2x of each bonbon. Perfect for sharing.

    On sale now, being hosted live on Tuesday 20 August, 7pm AEST, or watch it at your own leisure afterwards on our YouTube channel. $169 each, limit of two packs per Member. The virtual tasting pack is comprised of two elements and will be dispatched separately: - 5 x SMWS drams, tasting notes and tasting mat - 10 x BASIK chocolates (2 of each flavour) and menu. The chocolate pack will arrive later for maximum freshness ahead of the virtual tasting on August 20th.
  • It’s boilermaker month! We’re packing every virtual this month with a delicious craft beer mystery pick. Every pack will be randomly packed with a different ale to share, along with 5 new and exciting whiskies from the Society. We’ll share a ‘Hauf n’ Hauf’, some tales, and some good times live on camera with you all! Join us live on Monday 22 July, 7pm, YouTube & Facebook, for a good time with a can of beer, 5 x new whiskies, and some banter with AD & MB! Includes 5 x 30ml drams, one can of craft beer, tasting mat and full tasting notes.
  • This month’s virtual is a bit silly. Salty snacks, sweet biscuits, great drams, and a bit of chinwag over what we’re tasting. Not ones to take ourselves too seriously, March’s virtual will include 5x single cask samples (30mls each) and a collection of 8x delicious sweet & salty snacks to try and pair with each cask as we go along. Which Society cask pairs well with Shapes Pizza flavour?! Or with a Honey Tiny Teddy. What about Scotch Fingers or Chocolate Chip Cookies?! Well, we’ll find out. The virtual will be hosted live on YouTube & Facebook on Thursday, 21 March with hosts Matt Bailey & Matt Wooler at 7pm AEST. Or watch at your own leisure afterwards.

    The virtual tasting pack is comprised of  5 x 30ml SMWS drams, 8 packets of snacks, tasting notes and a tasting mat. 
  • It’s hot. It’s January. Let’s mix a few things together and try whisky in a new light. We’ve partnered with the legends over at Fever Tree for this month and are doing some mixology live with members to celebrate. We’ll supply the whisky, the mixer, and you bring the glassware & ice!

    Join us live on Tuesday 23rd January, 7pm AEDT, on YouTube or Facebook - or watch at your own leisure afterwards. The virtual tasting pack is comprised of  5 x 30ml SMWS drams, 2 x Fever Tree mixers, tasting notes and two tasting mats, perfect for sharing with a friend.

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