RR12 Heritage puddings follow breakfast


After 10 years of combined maturation, this Spicy & Sweet profile Distillery 12 is one of the world’s most in-demand single malts right now. Matured in a mixture of ex-bourbon barrels and new oak barrels with a heavy toast & medium char treatment, this is saucy on the palate with notes of bacon-wrapped croissants, wheat beer, cinnamon toffee apples, pecan Danish, and vanilla custard. A true icon distillery of Speyside now and truly celebrated as a single malt around the world.

As chef presented us with honey nut cornflakes crowned with kumquat and molasses, we finished dipping bacon-wrapped croissants in wheat beer. On the palate, cinnamon toffee apples were served with farmhouse cider, a pecan Danish and toasted coconut chips dipped in chocolate, all washed down with a glass of apple juice. Water offered a rustic nose, evocative of heritage puddings swimming in condensed milk and topped with chantilly cream. The palate by now was bread and butter pudding, orange zest, bay leaf, and vanilla and cinnamon custard.

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