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B7.3 Penne pasta arrabbiata

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Welcome back, America! About six Outturns ago, Andrew remarked on how we have some amazing American whiskies coming through. Well, that pipeline is starting to gush, kicking off with a newcomer distillery to the Society coding system, B7! Unlike all the other B codes we’ve bottled from before which are all mostly indie and tiny distilleries in the USA, B7 is a Goliath. They do A LOT of whiskey, and we’re super excited to finally get the .3 after the first 2 casks were swallowed whole by the USA membership, which is fair…Expect notes of roasted chestnuts, maple, and Portuguese custard tarts. Welcome Distillery B7!

How about being served sitting on a polished mahogany antique table a roasted chestnut, caramelised onions and Stilton pizza garnished with fresh thyme. A lovely texture neat with a perfect balance of sweet, herbal and spicy flavours as we stayed with the Italian cuisine and had a penne pasta arrabbiata. Diluted we enjoyed an Indian summer’s day as we imagined walking through a rickhouse to end up sitting under a maple tree with its amazing array of coloured leaves to eat pastel de Nata, Portuguese custard tarts. The mash bill for this bourbon consists of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley, matured in a #4 char new oak barrel with #2 char heads.

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