A5.5 Pitch dark fruit (Armagnac)

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A5.5 Pitch dark fruit (Armagnac)

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A gorgeous nose, dripping with dense rancio and things like chewing tobaccos, plum wine, bodega funk, orange blossom and then wee complexities like cinnamon liqueur and muscle rub vapours. Reduction brought Battenberg cake, orange wine, crème brûlée, boot polish and wintergreen. Highly aromatic, mature, and expressive. The neat palate displayed liquorice and chocolate liqueurs up front, then fir resins, toasted wood spices and plum wine. With water we found superbly classical things like booze-soaked raisins, eucalyptus oils, strawberry cough mix and mentholated tobaccos. Some leaf mulch and bitter chocolate in the aftertaste.

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