6.59 My big fat Greek rice pudding

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6.59 My big fat Greek rice pudding

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We experienced a complex nose, encompassing tangy red fruits (cranberry sauce, strawberry tart, cherries, plums), lemongrass, tom yam soup and something singed, like well-fired apple turnovers or roasted chestnuts. The sweet, warming palate had brown sugar on porridge, garibaldi biscuits and spiced clementine panna cotta; then a finish of hazelnut shells, wood, soft leather and restrained chilli. On the reduced nose we identified Greek rice pudding with cinnamon, coconut macaroon bars, oatcakes, carob and whole nut chocolate. The palate now entertained us with chocolate hazelnut spread in puff pastry shells, cinnamon biscuits and hints of quince on the finish – good balance and body.

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