4.333 Surprisingly smoky, so seductively sweet

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4.333 Surprisingly smoky, so seductively sweet

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Aromas of peat smoked candied apples, sweet and salty popcorn as well as maple smoked coconut flakes were just a few of the descriptors before we tried it. Imaginations did run wild as one panel member was reminded of shooting a spud gun when they were young, while others got pineapple grilled over peat reek with vanilla sauce. Following reduction, the scent was that of sun lotion, menthol cigarettes and stroopwafels while to taste the sweet smoke of campfire marshmallows emerged with hints of waxy lemons and pink peppercorns in the finish. At eight years of age, we combined selected hogsheads from the same distillery into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.

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