16.64 Tannic, shamanic, oceanic

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16.64 Tannic, shamanic, oceanic

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The nose wafted caramel popcorn and golden syrup, then deepened to sauna wood, burnt twigs dipped in honey, toasted marshmallows and dried seaweed. The palate suggested a bonfire of driftwood and peat, tatties roasted in the embers (with sour cream and chives), burnt sage leaves and a hint of neoprene – sweet, oily and dirty – yahoo! With water, the nose gave us honeycomb in a seaside cave, cured ham, olives in brine and swinging in a hessian hammock between two walnut trees. The taste was now a wow! – tar, liquorice, smoke and iodine, orange, leather, teriyaki tuna and balsamic cooked chestnuts.

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