151.3 Skinny dipping in Surströmming

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151.3 Skinny dipping in Surströmming

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It can cause birds to drop dead out of the sky, it’s banned by airlines, and a Japanese study into flavour called surströmming to be the most offensive odour on earth. Thankfully, Cask 151.3 is NOT from an ex-herring cask, but some of the peaty aromas from this unique peated Swedish whisky will evoke the flavours of salted fish and Scandinavian toast. This is not a whisky for the faint of heart, or those who dislike big flavours. Smoked fish, almonds, and olive oil by the beach campfire with seaweed and butter. Take a dip into the surströmming and you’ll never smell peated whisky the same again. You’ve been warned!

A big and expressive nose that brimmed with grubby coal smoke, herbal bitters and savoury smoked fish. Also herby pork sausages, charred bacon and burnt heather with hints of antiseptic cream and carbolic soap. The waft of a freshly creosoted fence. With water we noted gooseberries, elderflower, burning gorse and various varieties of smoked fish and rollmop herring. The neat palate showed a big initial slick of extra virgin olive oil, smoked almonds, campfire on a beach and seawater. Reduction brought out savoury hickory smoke, charcuterie, a waxy mouthfeel and punchy medicinal tones.

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