Winter Warming Cocktails & Drams Virtual Tasting

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Winter Warming Cocktails & Drams Virtual Tasting

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Winter is upon us, which means we’re warming up with a fine dram, a winter cocktail, and some good banter around the screen. Each virtual pack this month comes with 5 x drams + a special winter cocktail we’ll all make virtually at the same time with the included ingredients. Gather around the fire or crank the heater for a night of live cocktail creation, whisky, and good chatter for our Winter Warming Cocktails & Drams. You might even get a taste of a sneaky upcoming special vatting on the night.

So jump in, get your special 5 x 30ml sample box + bonus cocktail ingredients, and join in the fun on Thursday 23rd June at 7pm AEST. Live on our YouTube channel and Facebook. Only $89!

Includes 5 x 30ml whisky samples, cocktail ingredients, two tasting mats and full tasting notes.


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Your five-sample Winter Warming Cocktails and Drams Tasting Kit has these amazing Society bottlings to enjoy along the way, complete with bonus cocktail ingredients and tasting notes:

Cask 35.294 Willow Wood in the Sun – 13 years old – Spicy & Sweet
The nose opened with juicy red fruits, pomegranate seeds, bouquets of fresh flowers and the fragrance of sandalwood. Beyond that we found citrus rinds, lemon barley water and vanilla foam. With water there was linseed oil on a new cricket bat, milk bottle sweets, marshmallows, cornflakes dusted with icing sugar and passion fruit sours. The neat palate showed bountiful notes of lemon meringue pie, chopped parsley, white pepper, warm horseradish and dried mint. Reduction brought sweetened young calvados, cider apple baked with brown sugar, tea tree oil and green tea with lemon rind.

Cask 140.4 Throws You Curve Balls – 4 years old – Spicy & Dry
Roses and carnations commenced a twisty ride through orange, grapefruit and eucalyptus before taking in almonds, coffee beans and bitter chocolate. Around the next turn came deep flavours of liquorice, raisins and morello cherries before we stopped for water beside fruit gums and navy rum. Then treacle and toffee joined earthy notes of walnuts, tomato plants and banana skin. Herbal notes on the palate now suggested red vermouth and liquorice while vanilla and caramel ice cream provided sweetness before we finished with strong black coffee and marmalade.

Cask 66.196 Portent of Deception – 23 years old – Lightly Peated
A stunning nose! We found an immediate density of sweetness, like smoked honey infused with heather ales, wild forest flowers, petrichor and tree bark. The denseness of fatty game meats, damp mosses, earthiness, herbal teas and fragrant jasmine. Water brought a brittle, metallic peat smoke, black pepper, anchovy paste and hessian. Some old-school farmyard notes along with peppery waxiness and dusty old coal scuttles. The palate was thick and sweet, like aged mead and notes of herbal cough medicines, natural tar extracts and punchy herbal bitter notes – like a 1950s bottle of Fernet Branca. Water brought out gentian eau de vie, tarragon, medical embrocations and brilliantly old-style, herbal and waxy peat. Stunning evolution and complexity! Matured for 21 years in a bourbon hogshead before being transferred to a second fill port hogshead.

Small Batch 13 Blended Malt – Tabanco Time – 11 years old
This small batch was drawn from the latest refresh of the SMWS blended malt solera. It saw the addition of whiskies from both Speyside & Highland regions and the cask make-up included a mixture of quarter casks, hogsheads and butts, all seasoned with PX or Oloroso sherries. Don’t forget that there’s Spanish & American oak too! The aromas and flavours reminded us of our trips to Jerez to source these very casks! Imagine you were seated outside a tabanco in Jerez at a polished oak table and the waiter put down a bowl of toasted nuts and thinly sliced Serrano ham. To drink you ordered an Oloroso dulce VORS Sherry, lightly chilled, smooth and unctuous with that typical taste of cinnamon, dried fruits, candied orange peel and a rich sweet finish – it certainly did hit that S-spot (Sweet-spot). After a drop of water, we chose a rich dessert, cherry tart made with fresh blackberries in the buttercream, almonds and plenty of kirsch brandy. On the palate hazelnut chocolate, walnuts, juicy black cherries and chocolate chip acorn truffles, and we were reminded of an old Spanish saying: ‘a meal without a glass of Sherry is like a day without sun’.

Small Batch 14 Single Malt – Douror Cruise – 10 years old
This wonderfully ruby red small batch is a celebration of sweet complexity. We’ve drawn together selected casks of Speyside single malt, some matured full term in bourbon barrels and some additionally matured in ex-Ruby Port pipes for no less than two years. The result is rich, fruity and evocative of trips to sunnier climes. We imagined walking through a wine cellar of one of the lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia located close to the Douro river. The air was filled with sweet wood char, dark toffee and dried strawberries. On the palate neat the tart juicy cherries and orange peel bitterness was wonderfully balanced by the sweet flavour of wild cranberries. After the addition of water, the scent of sweet tobacco and tropical fruits appeared at first but soon the strawberries were back, this time fresh and dipped in chocolate and topped with toasted coconut. The taste reminded us of a long barrel aged Colheita Port, which in essence is a Tawny from one single harvest/vintage – you should try it!

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