Tuscan Highballs

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Worm tubs and wild times, this trio of fascinating spirits will awake the senses with a mixture of old school spirit production that in all three casks harks back to another era of whisky altogether.

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39.215 Highball diluting juice
A juicy and easy sweetness at first with notes of milk bottle sweeties, candy floss and pink marshmallows all on display. Then we got coconut water, gorse flower, potpourri, meadow flowers and flying saucers without the sherbet. Reduction brought white chocolate mice, honey and lemon lozenges, starched linens, old custard creams smashed up in a metal biscuit tin and warm potting sheds. The palate showed peach schnapps, heather honey, new world IPA, lime zest, light herbal teas, ginger biscuits and barley sugars. Water brought crab apples, green plums, star fruits, kiwi, pine needles, white jellybeans and shilling ales. Some vanilla cream in the aftertaste.

46.109 Table talk dram
We imagined having cream tea in a rose garden with fresh juicy strawberries, peaches, crème caramel, butterscotch, and cinnamon spiced banana cake. A lovely tingling of white pepper on white chocolate surprised us on the palate, before honey buttered hot cross buns and orange spiced Turkish delight arrived. With a drop of water, a juicy, fruity and a lightly menthol scent emerged, cherry chocolate, mango coulis and candy cigarettes or chocolate sticks covered in white paper (oh those innocent days!). On the palate; vibrant and fresh like a green fruit salad prepared with honeydew melon, Granny Smith apples, Bartlett pears and green grapes in a honey-Dijon dressing.

48.132 Tuscan tales
An array of aromas came to mind; prosciutto melon balls, pistachio paste, wasabi, quince jelly, candied apples and wine gums while always lurking in the background – a grapey, musty, oaky and earthy sweetness. On the palate we enjoyed a ginger spiced pear cider with one panellist being reminded of a pumpkin spice white Russian cocktail. After adding water, we were transported to Geppetto’s workshop in a Tuscan village where he carved Pinocchio and to our surprise, he mixed us a real Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. Mixing orange juice, vodka and Galliano sweet herbal liqueur garnished with a cherry – a fruity, sweet and herbal concoction that is totally refreshing.

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