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Yes, you read that right. Following the success of last year’s full-virtual tasting kit, we’re back with a vengeance! All 12 Festival ‘Rare Releases’ in one big virtual tasting kit with 30mls of each to go around — a proper serve of each. This includes every single festival cask for 2024 for you to taste ahead of grabbing a bottle this year, including the black labels, AND the 30-year-old Speyside blended malt! Very limited quantities of this special pack are available, so definitely first in best-dressed here. Over $4,629 worth of whisky bottles in one set, to celebrate the regions and festivals of Scotland!

Join us on Tuesday 25th June, 7pm AEST, for the premiere of the tasting video, or watch it at your own leisure later. Strictly limited to one per member.

Includes a whopping 12 x 30ml Festival drams, tasting mats and full tasting notes.



Premium Rare Release 5 – Philosopher’s stone (Juicy, Oak & Vanilla)
The aroma transformed us instantly as we slowed down to enjoy banana bourbon syrup, salted caramel sauce, candied grapefruit peel and Indian guava cheese. On the palate, the guava was in a cocktail spiked with pineapple-infused rum and freshly squeezed lime juice: totally tropical. Following reduction, we enjoyed lemon and raspberry macarons with a glass of cloudy lemonade, while the taste was that of pudina coconut chutney and Tuareg mint tea prepared and served in a traditional ceremonial form. This dram gave us plenty to think about, with one Panel member even starting to philosophise over the meaning of life.

Rare Release 12 – Heritage puddings follow breakfast (Spicy & Sweet)
As chef presented us with honey nut cornflakes crowned with kumquat and molasses, we finished dipping bacon-wrapped croissants in wheat beer. On the palate, cinnamon toffee apples were served with farmhouse cider, a pecan danish and toasted coconut chips dipped in chocolate, all washed down with a glass of apple juice. Water offered a rustic nose, evocative of heritage puddings swimming in condensed milk and topped with chantilly cream. The palate by now was bread and butter pudding, orange zest, bay leaf, and vanilla and cinnamon custard.

Rare Release 85 – Freeform jazz (Spicy & Sweet)
Using burnt twigs we stirred coal tar and beech wood-smoked nectarines into a medicinal potion of chamomile and syrup. Then to the mix came figs infused with hickory smoke, sweet mustard and orange segments, before in went barbecued brisket to simmer. A dash of water caused the flames from burning heather to tickle the rind of bacon dipped in treacle as the skin of juicy pineapples bubbled and popped. Our attention now turned to sticky ginger cake and walnuts in brioche buns, fresh from the oven and finished with bramble jam, coffee beans and sprigs of thyme. The starting point for this small batch was two bourbon hogsheads of single malt Scotch whisky. One cask was transferred at 11 years old years old to a first fill American oak PX hogshead, and the other at 10 years old to a refill Spanish oak oloroso hogshead. The casks were then married together before bottling.

Rare Release 39 – Cross-Atlantic destinations (Spicy & Sweet)
A new pair of leather sandals baked in the heat of the sand on a sun-drenched beach in the Algarve. The whisp of wild fennel, limestone and thyme drifted in the air. The palate took us to the other side of the Atlantic, slicing into a Jamaican ginger cake topped with candied rose petals and toffee, raspberry jam and browned butter. Water pulled the toffee forward and introduced jasmine alongside dark brown sugar on the nose. A gentle oak spice underlined the palate now, complemented by blackcurrants and cocoa powder, chewy pretzels and crème pâtissière.

Premium Rare Release Small Batch – The writing bureau (Spicy & Sweet)
Our eyes danced across an old writing bureau, the shine from its green leather-topped desk being casually absorbed by the woodwork’s patina. On the nose, lime zest was woven into honeydew melon, joined by a puff of sherbet and the arrival of polished antique furniture. The palate was intense, full of waxy apples and pears, creamed coconut, quince paste and spiced witbier. A trickle of water pulled forward lime pastilles and elderflower as we walked into a botanical garden’s hothouse. It is here we write our best stanzas. The palate was custard tart, cubes of Turkish delight and pears.

Rare Release 48 – Tawny Garibaldi (Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits)
We walked through the deep, dark forest, stepping over moss-covered tree roots and troupes of wood mushrooms. As the wind whispered through the dense evergreens, the aroma of steamed raisin pudding with a tawny port wine sauce emerged. We followed our noses and found a little gingerbread house with vanilla-based frosting, supported by tonka beans, cinnamon sticks and garibaldi biscuits. When we added a couple of drops of water the scent of chocolate-coated dark red cherries flirting with turrón ice cream and PX raisins dominated, while on the palate we enjoyed blueberries freshly picked from the woodland.

Rare Release 55 – Rhubarb and fig crumble (Juicy, Oak & Vanilla)
We imagined making delicious orange and kumquat marmalade as we cooked pork loin in cider and poured ourselves a pint of heather ale. The taste was floral, with a full malt body and plenty of herbal spice, as well as cracked black pepper on tinned fruit salad. Following reduction, the fruity aroma of ripe red apples arrived ahead of the scent of toasted almond flakes, rhubarb and fig crumble before a freshly brewed cup of rosehip and cranberry tea emerged. On the palate, the tea changed to a sweet hibiscus accompanied by milk chocolate and pear mille feuille, preceding churros in the finish.

Rare Release 149– Furtive gherkin (Oily & Coastal)
The Panel were immediately plunged into scrubbing an old barbecue grill. But on the side were lemons, buttery samphire, tangy pickles and chutney, and crackers with sea salt and black pepper. We also got whiffs of smoked ham and a summery coastal tang. Reduction brought out delicate threads of smoke, distant beach bonfire embers, engine oil and kippers smashed on to toasted brioche. When neat, the palate was sweetly lemony and smoky, with fish pâté, pickled cornichons, charred fennel, jalapeños in brine and clam broth. Water added layers of texture and thickness in the mouth, while bringing out gristy porridge notes, and other elements including lavender honey and a gherkin lurking in a dirty martini.

Premium Rare Release 4 – Take me to the chippy (Oily & Coastal)
Secretly what we all yearn for as we dine black tie, the Panel were handed a burgeoning bag of chippy chips with salt and a dash of balsamic, topped with crispy seaweed and chilli jam. It’ll be all right on the night, after all. The palate of this paper-wrapped meal was full of seaweed, sunflower oil and salt-encrusted potato chips, with a side of mussels poached in 80 shilling ale and clementine juice. Water served to add a squeeze of lemon, buttered corn bread and a bowl of crab and wakame salad, leading the Panel to extol its taffy-like texture and full body.

Rare Release 93 – Viking toothpaste (Oily & Coastal)
Pork chops, smothered in olive oil, rosemary and smoked paprika, sizzled on the hot charcoal of a Viking burial ship alongside lemons and limes rolled in coal-dust muscle rub. The strong scent of thymol wafted from the Viking bathroom, mixing with minty toothpaste, oily cured meats and smoked duck. Adding a dash of water, the bonfire crackled as we steamed prawns and crabs with seaweed and a few rose petals. Our taste buds were now enlivened by the sweetness of marmalade-glazed ham, honey on toasted crumpets, and smoked pineapple dipped in rock salt. Fresh mussels bubbled in a pot, balancing the sweetness with the maritime herbal tones of oregano and Thai basil.

Rare Release 10 – Smuggler’s bacon (Heavily Peated)
In the coastal cave the smugglers hid among a hoard of smoked peanut brittle, brunswick ham and sweet pimento peppers. Carefully opening a packet of bacon crisps to sprinkle over their pea and ham soup, they had to be careful not to make too much noise. They quietly cracked open a few smoked German beers and waited. After a drop of water they could spy the old canvas sails of the smuggling lugger, and smell the barrels of fennel, caraway and coriander seeds that were stashed on board. Reunited with their fellow bootleggers it was time to celebrate with smoked salami, Arbroath smokies and luscious goat’s cheese rolled in ash and apricots.

Premium Rare Release 29 – Sm’oak (Heavily Peated)
Let’s start with the most obvious one, and here it was the prevailing feature – oak and smoke! Think tobacco, burnt toast, venison, peanuts, tofu, plums and coal tar. On the palate there was no respite: incredibly smoky, like beef jerky and Mexican ancho chillies dried over hickory-smoked wood, as well as a plate of smoked tofu pad thai. Additionally, that medicinal, maritime flavour was always lurking in the background. Following the addition of water we opened an old smoker barbecue pit, added smoked olive oil to barbecued langoustines and black cardamom to a hot dog. To taste, we tucked into a beef massaman curry and smoked mackerel maki rolls.

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