Sweet Seduction bundle (Armagnac)

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Sweet Seduction bundle (Armagnac)

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Cask A5.1 Fruit shop raid | 1990 Vintage | Colombard grape | alc 61.3 | Outturn 600 bottles

Bursting through Lucozade colours of the fruit shop, you’re mugged by soft warm spice and oak. Layers of warm Muscovado sugar mingle with caramel, cinnamon and angelica. Scraps of over ripe quince hang around for good measure. The mouthfeel is warm and inviting, the ripeness of the fruit sitting very comfortably with warm light, yet quite fresh tannins that give a somewhat misleading impression of youth. The giveaway for the age is the sheer depth of complexity and flavour, leaving an incredibly long soft oak finish.

Cask A5.2 Musk coated candyfloss | 2005 Vintage | Ugni Blanc grape | alc 59.4 | Outturn 606 bottles

A pool of burnished teak and maple syrup. The nose starts with a savoury crème brûlée crust, served on a pecan tart and grated grapefruit zest. In the background is a wrapping of musk and dark bottled aftershave. A journey of night into day, in the distance a wisp of smoke lingers and introducing a syrup coated lift. The palate starts with candyfloss dissolving in the mouth, closely followed by a slap of citrus fruit zest dusted with a soft effervescence. It finishes on a burning sweet note with the zest faded away, bringing back the caramel from the beginning.

Cask A5.3 Fully loaded sweet trolley | 1997 Vintage | Baco grape | alc 65.0 | Outturn 562 bottles

Deep rich and opulent, the very quintessence of a Gentleman’s club. You settle comfortably into folds of warm leather armchairs, which mingle with wafts of cedar wood and tobacco, with crème brûlée being served. The palate has subdued, quiet low tones where barley sugar discusses the baked custard with orange citrus fruit and toasty spice. The conversation fades very slowly as it resonates at length along polished oak corridors of flavour. From the Baco grape.


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