Members are no strangers to Distillery 93 at the SMWS, not that it’s anything to complain about: a steady stream of incredibly oily, coastal, machine parts, tractor engine, diesel room, greasy boat chain level of brilliance in each cask and glass. Campbeltown celebrates its festival just before Islay each year, with places like the coastline, The Ardshiel Hotel, and the distilleries getting in on the action. This rare release this year is matured exclusively in 1st fill ex-bourbon barrels and in our Oily & Coastal profile, and tastes like…well…Viking toothpaste! Celebrate one of the most exciting and coveted Scotch whisky regions with the SMWS in 2024!

Pork chops, smothered in olive oil, rosemary and smoked paprika, sizzled on the hot charcoal of a Viking burial ship alongside lemons and limes rolled in coal-dust muscle rub. The strong scent of thymol wafted from the Viking bathroom, mixing with minty toothpaste, oily cured meats and smoked duck. Adding a dash of water, the bonfire crackled as we steamed prawns and crabs with seaweed and a few rose petals. Our taste buds were now enlivened by the sweetness of marmalade-glazed ham, honey on toasted crumpets, and smoked pineapple dipped in rock salt. Fresh mussels bubbled in a pot, balancing the sweetness with the maritime herbal tones of oregano and Thai basil.

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