RR5 Philosopher’s Stone

RR5 Philosopher’s Stone

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The Lowlands are undergoing massive change. The sleepy forgotten region to many single malt nerds who usually only associate the region with young, light, floral malts is waking up and changing faster than any other. Last year we proved that with the RRG16 grain whisky, this year we’re showing it again with a distillery that’s always triple distilled, rarely aged this long, and showing insane sugary complexity to the spirit. Banana bourbon syrup, salted caramel lollies, pineapple rum and cloudy lemonade. An absolute masterclass in delightful tropical complexity to celebrate the changing face of the Lowlands!

The aroma transformed us instantly as we slowed down to enjoy banana bourbon syrup, salted caramel sauce, candied grapefruit peel and Indian guava cheese. On the palate, the guava was in a cocktail spiked with pineapple-infused rum and freshly squeezed lime juice: totally tropical. Following reduction, we enjoyed lemon and raspberry macarons with a glass of cloudy lemonade, while the taste was that of pudina coconut chutney and Tuareg mint tea prepared and served in a traditional ceremonial form. This dram gave us plenty to think about, with one Panel member even starting to philosophise over the meaning of life.

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