Rollercoaster rums!

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Rollercoaster rums!

Three incredible rums from three rum regions around the world that will shake up some tropical dramming this Spring.

Triple rollercoaster rum deal for $575, saving $140 when purchased as a bundle!

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R2.14 Caribbean crab cakes

This was big and powerful; aromas of dark toffee, rich tobacco and wood polish on mahogany as well as steamed malt loaf pudding with rum custard. Let’s gather around the campfire and bake delicious banana boat s’mores – sliced banana with marshmallows, chocolate chips, figs and prunes, sprinkled with curry powder and all wrapped in tin foil. With water, we were tossing Caribbean crab cakes on an oily grill in the sunshine and we finally served them with mango salsa and candied sweet potatoes as we drank refreshing sweet cherry juice ‘spiked’ with ginger and fresh lime juice. After thirteen years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this rum into a 2nd fill French oak barrique.

R7.3 Shiver me esters!

You are entering a world of pineapple! Concentrated pineapple juice collides with floral-scented armaganc boiled down to a gungey essence and drizzled over partially fermented bananas. Duck! A slice of grizzled rye bread comes whizzing past. Thankfully there’s a whole pharmacy of first aid supplies on hand: ointments, TCP, bandages, industrial Elastoplasts. Here, quaff this pint of malty bitter and wash it down with a dirty martini riddled with olive pickling juices. Now add some water… salty butter on malt loaf left inside an old bicycle repair kit! A permanent marker pen freshly de-lidded. The palate brims with intensity! Raw pineapple dipped in gloss paint and printer toner. Stem ginger smothered in dark chocolate. Trip and you’re lost down the rabbit hole of rum funk and phantasmagoric esters! Splash water to wake up unctuous blackcurrant juices, a muddle of cast iron stove parts, fermented parsnips, glistening rose water, angelic root, and a furtive tiptoe through an old Seadog’s secret flower garden! Awake beneath the blazing summer skies wearing nothing but wellies and a bike chain necklace. What a dream!

R9.8 Treacle thyme

The aromas brought a sticky glaze of burnt brown sugar and molasses that coated pork ribs and a heavy serving of rosemary before softening to creme brûlée. Herbal tones carried over to the palate where the sugary sweetness had developed into leather, liquorice and handmade cigars. Meanwhile, a streak of fruitiness conveyed pineapple chunks with mango and hints of cherries. Water accentuated the polished leather and earthy notes but now with oranges and dark chocolate. Molasses merged into honey and joined banana, coconut oil and tropical wood. Heavy herbs still lingered, now dominated by thyme and merging into aniseed and barbecued pineapple to finish.

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