R13.2 Ready-made marmalade

R13.2 Ready-made marmalade

$440.00 inc. GST

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A fruit-driven nose burst open with ripe apples, pineapple, mango and guava and bundles of molasses dusted with cinnamon and ginger. Spicy marmalade joined us on the palate with cloves and blackcurrant syrup. Blood oranges and fermenting pears then sweetened to creme caramel and custard but with coconut cream and hints of eucalyptus. Floral flavours emerged with water and fused elderflower cordial with lilies and mango. Ginger marmalade now covered balsa wood and oak as cocoa nibs joined cinnamon butter and chocolate wafers. Finally, we found coffee beans and cocktail bitters with hints of cloves and sweet vanilla that lasted onto the finish.

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