R11.6 Just add sunshine (Rum)

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R11.6 Just add sunshine (Rum)

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A vibrant tangerine tinge immediately caught our attention before the ensuing arrangement of aromas reached our nose. With equal vibrancy we discovered an abundance of toffee and caramel with the peppermint spice of rye whiskey and the petrolic freshness of fine German Riesling. Lychee and papaya lead a tropical charge into aromatic rice and lime couscous with crispy jerk chicken. The palate presented masses of molasses and treacle tart with a darker edge reminiscent of liquorice, singed blackcurrants and banana skins on a barbeque. Cinnamon and nutmeg on pecan pie joined a sweet glue note that continued into the long finish of juicy raisons and Cognac.

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