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Malternatives Strike Back – Virtual Tasting

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Not everything we bottle is single-malt whisky. In fact, members are more and more enamoured with our non-malt spirits, or what we like to sometimes call ‘malternatives’. These are those delightful other spirits coming out of other countries that can lead us down a flavour adventure like no other. Jump in for this virtual tasting and discover what other spirits, other grains, and other flavours are out there! Nearly $2,000 worth of bottles are being opened and shared around for this month’s virtual, all to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

We’ll be hosting this live on YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday 22 May, 7pm AEST. Tune in live, or watch later at your own leisure.

The virtual tasting pack is comprised of  5 x 30ml SMWS bottlings, tasting notes and a tasting mat. 


Cask A5.6 Le mouton, le cerf et le noir bitume (Armagnac)
A glorious aroma, riddled with classic aged Armagnac characteristics in beautiful harmony. Corinthian raisins, hessian, old style rancio, pipe tobacco, apricot jam, and fig chutney. Everything in its place and perfectly balanced. With water we got orange cocktail bitters, aniseed, red liquorice, strawberry wine, and old leather books. The palate was initially surprisingly rich and spicy with dark grained breads, rye spice, wormwood, long aged balsamic and menthol pipe tobaccos. Reduction brought blood orange marmalade, mint jelly, Darjeeling tea, toasted fennel seed and wood spices like cinnamon and clove. A long, lingering and wonderfully complex finish followed on…

Cask GN6.3 Yearning for Bubbles
At first we detected blood orange sorbet, lime zest, elderflower champagne and orange segments studded with juniper. A robust and lightly peppery profile. Some water brought suggestions of nettle tea, lapsing souchong, lemon curd and Twister ice lollies. The palate showed a spicier side with coriander seed, pine needles, grated carrot, and caraway. Some rose petal touches brought elegance. With water we noted poppy seeds, fresh coriander this time, cucumber juice and bergamot oil. Fresh and super lively!

Cask C7.1 A la recherche du temps perdu
A beautiful colour of burnished mahogany gives way to an utterly classical nose that prickles with dates, sultanas, ancient demerara rum, coal hearths, dried porcini mushrooms and a myriad of dark fruits. There are huge dollops of rancio and dunnage undercut with orange marmalade and cocktail bitters. Water brings an added earthy depth and throws up lemon curd and ground spice mix. To taste this one is beguilingly complex and stunningly poised. Motor oil, orange liqueur, citrus rind, cinnamon bark, tea tree oil, exotic hardwoods and luscious green fruits all vie for attention. With water there are further notes of hessian, espresso and bitter chocolate.

Cask A8.1 “Just what the doctor ordered”
We were handed a bouquet of roses, dark red with soft and velvety petals, with the most deliciously heavy scent – think warm, rich chocolate combined with balsamic and woody notes. Plenty of exotic wood spices on the palate neat as we mixed a Penicillin cocktail of whisky, ginger, lemon and honey. It was sweet, fresh, spicy and simply delicious. Careful when adding water, as we found cherry blossom, milk chocolate with prunes, bananas doused in spiced rum and cinnamon bagels on the nose. To taste, a surprising fizzy, chilli bite like a prosecco topped up with ginger beer and garnished with a slice of orange and a basil leaf.

Cask B5.8 Dark ‘n’ stormy in Jamaica
We imagined walking among grapes which were being sun-dried on straw mats, a process known as “soleo” in Spain. On the palate, it was initially dry and spicy with sweetness in the background, like a fiery Jamaican dark ‘n’ stormy cocktail using navy-strength rum and strong ginger beer – invigorating! Following reduction we lit a bonfire on the beach, watching flying sparks and hearing the pop and crackle of the burning wood. To taste, salted caramel, stewed raisins, cherry pie and vanilla custard with a long finish of PX sherry over luxury spiced Belgian chocolate ice cream – simply divine.



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