Home Tasting Happiness bundle

Home Tasting Happiness bundle

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A trio of whiskies that’s sure to delight every one of your senses….and friends. Get your home tasting off to a flying start with this selection, as you taste through these distinct drams. Whisky? Sorted! $425. Only 6 available at this price, so don’t miss out!

Cask 2.109 Let the good times roll | 11yo | alc 62.4 | Refill barrel | Outturn 188 bottles | Young & Spritely

A lovely, lively, fizzy aroma like opening a bottle of mixed berry sparkling lemonade (black-, blue- and strawberries) and pouring it into a highball glass, plenty of ice with, to add even more sparkle, a good dash of Champagne – keep the fun times rolling! On the palate we added fresh ginger and nutmeg for that extra kick, and in the finish a salty racy Manzanilla Sherry finish. When water was added very fresh and clean, laundry on the line and starched shirts (to go with the 6-piece suit and bow tie) getting ready for the dinner party with that glass of Buck’s Fizz.

Cask 115.8 A strawberry chocolate kiss | 8yo | alc 59.9 | Refill barrel | Outturn 240 bottles  | Sweet, Fruity & Mellow

A sweet malty cereal note as well as tinned peaches in fruit juice and a moist lemon and coconut cake drizzled with warm lemon syrup made this a very moreish experience on the nose neat. On the palate, creamy warm melted white chocolate mixed with dark chocolate sauce over sweet raspberries – an absolute delight. When adding some water we got aromas of citrus five fruit blended juice and strawberry sauce with caramelised sugar and pink peppercorns. We finished by receiving a strawberry chocolate kiss (a light fluffy mallow covered in chocolate on a waffle base) – one more please!

Cask PTB.MO1 The Peat Faerie | 10yo | alc 50.0 | 1st fill barrels & refill hogsheads | Outturn 2948 bottles | Lightly Peated

The Panel enjoyed the gentle unfurling of aroma in this one. A soft but smoky heather ale note emerges at first, followed by freshly rolled oats, a smouldering hay bail, wet beach pebbles and a hint of buttery marmite toast. Water reveals lemon wax, orange bonbons, smoked teas and sudocreme. The peat is louder in the mouth, a big, bold and leanly muscular wave of drying phenols and hot air from a peat furnace. Some anthracite smoke, a distant puffer exhaust and finally a return to more farmyard qualities with cow sheds, earth and wood embers. A suggestion of green peppercorns in brine and a soothing sootiness. Reduction produces notes of roasted pine cone, frying bacon and freshly ground black pepper along with a meaty, fennel sausage note.


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