“Hauf and Hauf” Virtual Tasting Kit

“Hauf and Hauf” Virtual Tasting Kit

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It’s boilermaker month! We’re packing every virtual this month with a delicious craft beer mystery pick. Every pack will be randomly packed with a different ale to share, along with 5 new and exciting whiskies from the Society. We’ll share a ‘Hauf n’ Hauf’, some tales, and some good times live on camera with you all!

Join us live on Monday 22 July, 7pm, YouTube & Facebook, for a good time with a can of beer, 5 x new whiskies, and some banter with AD & MB!

Includes 5 x 30ml drams, one can of craft beer, tasting mat and full tasting notes.



Marmalade Overdrive
What an aroma neat, with popcorn drizzled in melted salted butter, heather and gorse flowers baking in the hot summer sun, pears poached in red wine and crimson marmalade on a slice of malt loaf. Juicy and fruity on the palate with the pleasing tartness of green apples in perfect balance with the silky sweetness of strawberry jelly and honey liqueur. In the finish gentle spices like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg that resemble the calm Caribbean Sea lapping a sandy beach. Following reduction – careful when adding water – the scent reminded us of cherry clafoutis, toffee apples and mango chutney. In the taste, a floral hint to start followed by diluted blackcurrant juice. The finish gave us white pepper.

Cask 80.40 Lusciously lively (Young & Spritely)
An aroma that put a smile on our faces with apple pie and pear tartlets followed by waxy honeycomb, Werther’s Original butter candies and honey roasted cashews. The taste was described by one panel member as “lovely and lively” with hints of typical gin botanicals, a pleasing chilli heat and booze-soaked satsumas. Following the addition of water, a lighter scent of lime mousse, key lime pie as well as freshly pressed apple juice with the sweetness of maple roasted pecans. On the palate, sweet white grape juice, lime leaves herbal tea, birch syrup and cassia bark with a quince jelly finish.

Cask 35.326 All the dark things (Deep, rich & dried fruits)
We first noted such aromas as sticky date pudding, plum duff, molten liquorice, fruity muesli and chocolate caramel sauce. Also damp cellar mulch, balsamic reduction and mineral oils. A thick and highly polished nose we agreed. Water brought notes of Guinness cake topped with marzipan, rose cordial, orgeat syrup and rum n raisin ice cream. In the mouth we found an initial abundance of spiced dark fruits stewing in Armagnac. Then mulling spices, crusted port and aniseed. Some softer tones of sweet pipe tobacco and walnuts followed on. With water it achieved a lovely, harmonious balance. Plum wine, leather, butterscotch, eucalyptus and damp, earthy rancio. Matured for 13 years in a bourbon hogshead before transfer to a 1st fill Spanish oak oloroso hogshead.

Cask B5.9 Midnight Grits
Our initial notes included maraschino juices, sweet orange wines, aged triple sec, nutmeg, liquorice and treacle spread on hot cross buns. It also brought to mind molten chocolate marshmallow and jam biscuits, dark honey and date molasses. Reduction made it more complex and we found notes of sunflower oil, shoe polish, cream soda and Turkish delight – thicker, deeper and darker. The palate when neat was peppered with cloves, crystallised satsuma chunks, runny honey, herbal wines and spiced blood orange liqueur. Some water made everything easier and brought out lemon cough drops, cherryade, eucalyptus resin and notes of birch beer and red liquorice.

Cask 16.76 Peat-smoked porter (Peated)
We made beef brisket with burnt ends on a smoker and threw in some crunchy thick-cut potato chips, plenty of brown sauce, added a tankard of rich and peat-smoked porter, and for some this was heaven on earth. On the palate, dark and sweet, warm and smoky, molasses, peanut butter, chilli barbeque sauce and a slice of black bun. Following reduction, we smoked bananas over a peat fire with dark bitter chocolate and pistachios, while to taste, surprisingly soft and smooth with honey nut bars and smoked chocolate mousse before the smoke started to build up again rising to a delicious crescendo.


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