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The tail-end of summer is the best time to imbibe fine spirits in great weather, with your Society team in tow! We’ve hand-picked 5x single casks that are either new releases or upcoming goodies to share with you. We think these would be the perfect accompaniment to the warmer months, and a great opportunity to taste what we have tucked away for this purpose. Join the crew of Society team members on a tasting journey through our summery selections this month and discover the widest gamut of whisky flavours on earth.

Join us live on Tuesday 20th February, 7pm AEDT, on YouTube or Facebook – or watch at your own leisure afterwards.

The virtual tasting pack is comprised of  5 x 30ml SMWS drams, tasting notes and a tasting mat. 

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Cask 5.103 Fruity floral fantasy (Juicy, oak & vanilla)

The first comment was ‘perfectly ripe fruits’ – peaches, pears and mangoes next to a passion fruit parfait, lychees in syrup and a bourbon crème anglaise. On the palate neat, a lovely lemony peppermint zing at first before custard creams, cinnamon bagels and apple slices over double vanilla bourbon ice cream and drizzled with Grand Marnier appeared. Water added a floral aroma reminding one panellist of walking though the famous Amsterdam flower market along the Singel canal, while to taste soft and sweet like peach iced tea and fresh mango salsa prepared with red bell pepper, lime juice, jalapeno, red onion and cilantro leaves.

Cask 155.2 Katsu amid the maple (Spicy & sweet)

A burning mincemeat pie was being extinguished with simple syrup, brandy and a blend of treacle and golden syrup. On the palate we found katsu breadcrumbs, roast chicken, black pepper, smoked cherries and strawberry tarts. Water introduced orange soda to the nose, complementing rum and raisin ice cream and resinous pine needles. The palate was now buttery, with raisins, maple syrup and coal dust atop panna cotta. This cask was filled with 50% unpeated and 50% peated new make.

Cask 6.64 Spanish castanuts (Deep, rich & dried fruits)

We collided at some speed into a wall of plums, bruised apples and spicy chorizo before rebounding into the safety of soft leather, fruitcake dough and earthy rhubarb crumble. Hazelnuts, walnuts and burnt coconut began to rain down from above, smashing into mounds of muscovado sugar and cocoa powder. With just a few drops of water a more refined vista appeared, one that bound bananas and fresh figs to cured ham and toasted pine nuts. Roasted chestnuts and black cherries then rolled in from afar, accompanied by bitter chocolate praline, coconut husk and dusty leather. After 13 years in a bourbon hogshead, this was transferred to a Spanish oak oloroso hogshead.

Cask 93.204 By the beautiful briny sea – Malt of the Month (Oily & coastal)

We found ourselves by the beautiful briny sea sitting in a restaurant on the promenade as we enjoyed a berry fruit salad with honey mascarpone. This was followed by salted cod with green olives and capers accompanied by a salad niçoise with a glass of vinho verde – a refreshing green apple-crisp wine that comes from a small region in northern Portugal. Following reduction, we discovered a lovely dessert in the form of an apple, pear and vanilla sponge pudding with custard. On the palate, it was still very refreshing but with that delicate sweetness of a classic daiquiri of white rum, sugar and lime.

Cask 4.300 A horned beast (Peated)

A bright and superbly chiselled nose that initially displayed lemon air freshener, green herbs, bouillon stock, ham hough terrine and English mustard powder heat. Unusually peated and powerful – even for this old Orcadian Viking! Water made it sharper, more bready, yeasty and directly on lemon juice. The palate displayed an immediate wealth of camphor and tarry peat. Chalky notes, beach pebbles, seawater, olive oil and gauze. Reduction brought herbal cough medicines, smoked teas, aniseed liqueur and beach bonfire smoke. Wonderful and evocative whisky. At 9 years of age, we combined selected casks from the same distillery. We then returned the single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks. Originally from refill bourbon hogsheads, this was further married in a first fill barrel.

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