Great Grain Couple

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Grain whisky is often unfairly maligned in whisky circles. Sometimes derided as ‘less than a malt’ or ‘blend filler’, which doesn’t even come close to the truth. Grain whisky is whisky made on a continuous column still, as opposed to a copper pot still, and usually from grains other than malted barley.

For our mid-month bundle offer this month, we’re offering up two of the most diverse grain whiskies available. G10.30 Bourbon bonbons is a Juicy, Oak & Vanilla 1st-fill ex-bourbon barrel that is like liquid white chocolate in a glass, meanwhile G15.8 A campfire cookout is a peated grain (what?!) from the wildest distillery in Scotland, which is like a smoked ham around a campfire in a glass.

Each whisky in Outturn is $180 and $170 respectively, but as a couple for mid-month bundles you can pick up both of these complex curios for just $299, saving $51!


Cask G10.30

Such an inviting nose of toasted coconut, pine sap, banana chips, brown sugar and beeswax on freshly carved wood. Enough said let’s have a try – vibrant and zesty, sweet and spicy; marzipan croissants with a peppered chocolate hazelnut spread, mango slices, whipped cream and olive oil cake. When we added water we walked through a pine forest after a rain shower, the smell is called geosmin, musky, cool and fresh yet at the same time an earthy-sweet aroma. On the palate a fresh-baked fruit pie in the hold of a wooden ship with a dash of herbal and white pepper – a real joy!


After 10 years in ex-bourbon wood, we filled this into a heavy-toast, medium-char, ex-peaty hogshead. The nose leaves charred impressions of toasted coconut, burnt banana bread, crisped bacon and a bonfire of leaves – also linseed oil and putty, pear and pineapple and campfire hotdogs. The palate picks up immediate but gentle ashy, nutty, heathery smoke; white pepper, roasted peanuts, toasted almonds and ‘Coke-soaked ham with treacle glaze garnished with pineapple slices and cherries’. The reduced nose gets apple, papaya, and mango, pork sausages with white wine sauerkraut. The palate has ginger cake and green curry spice, smoked sea-salt, cherry Coke and ‘chewing kindling’.

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